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News Archives

Tuesday April 17, 2007
American Idol's Sanjaya is Just One of Many
If you haven't noticed, South Asians are becoming huge stars on TV and film.
Tuesday April 17, 2007
Smoking On the Rise with Asians
A recent study found that Asian smokers are on an increase, while few try to kick the habit.
Sunday April 1, 2007
Asian American Journalists Association Calls for Commitment to Diversity in Newspapers
Even with dramatic changes happening in newspapers across the country, the AAJA hopes newspaper editors will not lose sight of the value of diversity.
Sunday April 1, 2007
Asian American Kids Are Smart ... Duh
According to a report, Asian kids are doing quite well in school. Not really a new finding, but interesting just the same.
Sunday April 1, 2007
The Philippines Receive Unwanted Accolade
The Political and Economic Risk Council found the Philippines first among nations with the highest level of corruption.
Sunday April 1, 2007
Why Do Asians Love Spam?
Apparently more than 20 percent of malicious activities online originate from the Asia-Pacific region.
Thursday March 15, 2007
Are South Asian Pop Stars Being Overlooked?
A recent article in the “Times” discussed the difficulty of Asians achieving pop stardom--some disagree.
Thursday March 15, 2007
New York City is Home to First-Ever Asian American Theater Festival
On June 11-24, 2007, dozens of Asian American performing arts companies and solo artists will convene in NYC
Thursday March 15, 2007
India Owns the Asian Billionaire Club
According to the Forbes’ annual richest list, India has taken the sole lead for having the most billionaires in Asia.
Wednesday February 28, 2007
Asia’s Finger Fixation
According to a new study, texting (SMS) will continue to grow in the Asia-Pacific region despite the rise of other mobile features.
Wednesday February 28, 2007
American Idol Hopeful Gets Bounced
Paul Kim's hopes to become the first Asian to win the American Idol crown were quickly dashed. Still, he was better than William Hung.
Wednesday February 28, 2007
A Column Full of Hate Faces Harsh Criticism
Kenneth Eng’s column, which spoke words of hate against blacks, is receiving negative backlash from the Asian community--deservedly so. The column was recently pulled from its website.
Wednesday February 14, 2007
Two Students Challenge Asian American Admission Discrimination
Motivated by Jian Li’s discrimination complaint against Princeton, two Brown students founded an organization to address the admissions process for Asians.
Wednesday February 14, 2007
Study Finds an Increase in Asian and Hispanic Intermarriages
Recent research has found that two of the largest immigrant groups are marrying one another at a higher occurrence than ever before.
Wednesday February 14, 2007
An All-Asian Basketball Team?
A California high-school basketball team breaks stereotypes with an all Asian-American team as its starting lineup.
Saturday February 3, 2007
Fresno elects state's first Hmong council member
With one of the largest Hmong populations in the country, San Joaquin Valley swore in one of its own.
Saturday February 3, 2007
The Growth of Dell in Asia
Dell is looking to hire 1,000 Malaysians to operate its first global IT support center outside of the U.S.
Saturday February 3, 2007
Samsung's H.B. Lee Gets an Upgrade
The famed electronics company has named Lee its new CEO of Samsung SW Asian region in hopes to strengthen operations.
Saturday February 3, 2007
Asian Americans and Cosmetic Surgery
What was once an industry dominated by white women, Asians, Latinos and blacks are getting surgery in record numbers.
Saturday February 3, 2007
Yutaka Fukufuji Becomes First Japanese Player in the NHL
Once drafted as the 238th player in the 2004 draft, Fukufuji made hockey history.
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