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Topic: Favourite Travel Destinations in Asia
on 22 Apr, 2009 8:28
My favorite place in Asia is India - more specifically Kerala. My family and I vacationed there for a week last December and it was an unforgettable experience.
on 29 Jul, 2009 20:24
I think mostly South East Asia is a best bet. Its from Indonesia, S'pore, M'sia, Thailand and Phillipines. I will say first Indonesia, they have lots of variety foods from sweet, and spicy. Who doesn't know Bali ?. Their cuisines is exciting to taste and try. Java and Sumatera also have good cusines to taste. S'pore popular with their Nonya foods besides Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisines. KL and Melaka have their favorite foods too. tons you can try and make you adventorous with their cuisines
on 25 Feb, 2013 3:03
on 08 Apr, 2008 11:43
What are some of your favourite travel destinations in Asia? I've heard good things about Korea. ;)
on 09 Apr, 2008 7:04
Hi Rudy!
I have visited Jeju Island in 2002 with my family and friends. We all loved it very much. It has beautiful mountain, beach, historic places, and of course lots of fresh seafood (In Jeju Island, these ladies called 'Haenyu' dive into ocean and hand pick fresh seafood). I hope you get to go this island.
on 10 Apr, 2008 1:03
Hi Jamie, thank you for your reply.

Jeju Island sounds very interesting indeed. Encouraged by your description, I searched the Internet for some images and came up with this striking photo of a waterfall on the Island:

(source: [url=]Flickr)[/url:3f3c368c]

Since I love natural beauty and outdoors, I think this would be a great place to visit.
on 10 Apr, 2008 15:49
I'm a big fan of Hong Kong myself. No other place in the world is a blend of Chinese and Western culture like HK. I would advise any Chinese American or Canadian that's never been there to take a visit, you might discover a side of you you never though you had.
on 24 Apr, 2008 14:21
My favorite place in Asia is Shanghai. You can find all kinds of cuisine from all over the world --- anything you can think, you will find it in Shanghai. :P

Built on the banks of the Huangpu river, Shanghai is China's largest city and its most important economic, commercial, financial and communications centre. Currently Shanghai is growing at a very rapid pace, with new buildings and skyscrapers continuosly being built. It's skyline on the Huangpu river now rivals that of Hong Kong.
on 01 May, 2008 15:13
Korea would be a great place to visit not only Jeju island but other parts of the country would be worth while to see.. there are other regions that you might enjoy such as Seorak mountain which is beautiful as well as the DMZ tour they offer. And you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Seoul which you can enjoy til the wee hours of the morning. But there is a downside to Korea which is that it will cost more than any other Asian country besides Japan. Hope this helped.. and have a wonder trip whichever destination you choose.. :D
on 19 Aug, 2008 10:09
personally, i feel that Malaysia is an awesome place to go visit. the currency there is low compared to the US, which means you'll be able to get your money's worth and more. There are also a ton of beaches and resorts in malaysia which are beginning to become popular, and includes everything from swimming in the mountains, horse back riding, parasailing etc. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is a must for clubbing and shopping and with 3 different cultures: chinese, malay and indian, there is sooo much to experience. Also, english is a predominant language in Malaysia-so that means you won't have a problem getting around and asking people if you ever get lost. If you get bored of Malayisa, Singapore and Thailand are extremely close by as well, which means you can travel there and experience alot more (briefly, thailand is awesome in terms of experiencing a different kind of culture and singapore is fantastic as an up and coming business center and everyone here definitely speaks english). Good Luck!
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