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Friday July 10, 2015

The 5 hot trends that are reshaping recruiting

The HR Specialist, Business Management Daily

With the economy clicking again, employers are getting back into the recruiting game. Here are some of the biggest trends in corporate recruiting, according to a report by the Deloitte consulting firm:

1. Social sourcing of candidates. Top resource: LinkedIn and its LinkedIn Recruiter tool. Other sites are job specific. For example, in the IT space, sites such as Entelo, Gild and TalentBin analyze the technical prowess of tech candidates by looking at their social footprints.

2. Corporate talent networks. Deloitte says the growth of sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed and Glassdoor have allowed organizations to "evolve from a model of candidate relationship management to a model of building a talent network from which to recruit." More companies are building online talent networks that attract candidates and include employees, alumni and even customers.

3. Assessment as a science. There's been an explosion in personality and skills assessment tools beyond the standard Myers-Briggs test. Some of the hotter companies include Evolv, Logi-serve, PeopleAnswers and SkillSurvey. They join legacy providers such as DDI, Kenexa (IBM), KornFerry, and Wonderlic.

4. Modernized applicant tracking software. A new breed of online tools helps employers do much more than collect applicant information online. They manage the entire recruitment process, including ad campaigns. Top tools: Oracle's Taleo, SuccessFactors, Jobvite, SilkRoad, Peoplefluent and Bullhorn.

5. The birth of Big Data. Do you know where your most effective candidates come from? What backgrounds and experiences make the best sales people? Which advertising channels work best? Recruiting is the No. 1 application for Big Data in HR. And companies that are successful in measuring recruiting outperform their peers.

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