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Wednesday May 8, 2002

AD Mailbag!


AD Fan Club, Membership: 1
I just wanted to start by letting you know that I rarely give feedback to magazines, hard copy or online, because it never affects me in any which way. I am very impressed with your online magazine. It is informative and the layout is nice on the eyes. You capture stories current to what is happening now in the community (unlike most Asian American magazines that seem to always be a step behind on the current events). Anyway, keep up the good work and I will recommend your site to my Asian-American friends. Thanks.
Reah Chiu
San Jose, California

Abercrombie Outrage
This is a slap in the face to Asian Americans, and I am appalled with disgust. This is yet another reminder on how others see us Asians Americans. I agree with [Michael] Chang - boycott Abercrombie. I hope Asians Americans will not forget this slap by Abercrombie. Abercrombie needs to step up and take responsibility. We often look away to jokes and remarks about us, please remember and hold in our hearts the struggle we need to overcome together. In our voices we will overcome.
Jonathan Lu
Rosemead, California

You should focus on those values that made Asians successful in this country: hard work and education. Don't waste your time whining about intentional or unintentional foul-ups by some company.
Volkmar Gaussmann
Renton, Washington

I read both of your Abercrombie articles and couldn't agree with you more; it enrages me to see how people, let alone designers and marketing professionals, are insensitive and irresponsible with their own products (because I am both). [Abercrombie's] arrogance is apparent and they need to be pointed out for their apathy in key market research skills. We're living in a free and very culturally diverse country now, and sensitivity is highly regarded, especially in business. Great articles!
Miya French
Boston, Massachusetts

North Korea, Iran, Iraq . . . the United States???
If North Korea is part of the "axis of evil" for developing weapons of mass destruction, then America is just as well part of the Axis as it too indulges in manufacturing and selling weapons and bombs. Needless to say, there are people in the United States that could benefit from the tax dollars that would come to them rather than a $3 million bomb.
Loku Raj
Washington, DC

If the United States wants North Korea to stop making missiles, we should feed the North Koreans with all the money being invested in our paranoid defense. America says a lot of things but do they really mean what they say?
Andrew Lee
Maroetta, Georgia

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