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   2016 Participating Companies
15th Annual Asian Diversity Career Expo
  2016 Participating Companies

2016 Participating Companies (to date)

Special Message to Attendees:

1) All of the below companies will have recruiters, company representatives, and/or mentors present at the event; however, not all recruiters/company reps will have booths, tables, etc. As some will be "roaming" about the exhibitor hall seeking to network with the best candidates, always be prepared to approach--and be approached by--these recruiters/company reps.

2) As many career opportunities have been made available by mentors in addition to recruiters, we are inviting a significantly higher number of mentors from top companies this year. Please be alert and prepared to network as these mentors will be "roaming" the exhibitor hall as well.

3) Recruiters, company reps, and mentors will all be wearing special badges. When you see them, smile, say hello, and offer a firm hand shake!

4) Don't forget to bring extra copies of your resume!

Note: Please visit this page often as additional companies will be coming on board within coming weeks.


Infosys_156 PNC_156
Dept. of State_234 Dropbox_156
Pasona_156 Reliance Star_156
Estee Lauder_156 New Jersey Judiciary_156
Suez_156 M&T_156
NSA_156 New York Life_156
Symphony Beauty_156 University of California, San Francisco_156
FHFA_156 USPS_234
Elanco_156 U.S. Army
SEA Market_156 HS Ad_156
Kiss_156 BOP_156
Gilead_corporate GE_234_new
FDIC_234 Michael Kors_234
NYU Langone_234 GAO_234
Uber_234 NYC DoITT_234.png
Purple Tale_234 16 Handles_234
weather company FiscalNote_234
Boy Scouts Culinary Agents
Noom BPA_234
Phoenix House_234 Onboardbureau_234




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